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Georgian Hot Tubs

Pool & Hot Tub Service

After a long day of working hard, nothing beats melting away your aches and pains by slinking into the relaxing pleasures provided by Georgian Hot Tubs. With a huge selection of Hydropool Spas, Hydropool Swim Spas, and Plug and Play Spas, it’s easy to find the hot tub that fits your home and budget.

Whether you have an entire backyard or only a small corner to work with, there is a Hydropool Spa model for you. With deep bucket seats, higher cool down seats, loungers, Versa massage jets, ergonomic features, and self-cleaning features, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get one as your worries quickly melt away.

Looking for both relaxation and exercise in one package? A Hydropool Swim Spa combines the luxury of a hot tub and the fitness opportunities of a full-sized pool in one convenient package. Not only do they have sizes for any space and budget, but Hydropool Swim Spas are also the world’s first self-cleaning Swim Spas, cleaning 100% of the water every 15 minutes. Spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing!

If you’re renting a home, you probably don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars installing and wiring up someone else’s house. Plug ‘n’ Play hot tub technology allows you to have a hot tub anywhere there’s a standard outlet, no additional wiring required! Portable and easy to maintain, Plug ‘n’ Play hot tubs are perfect for both renters and travellers!

Georgian Hot Tubs is also your one-stop-shop for everything you need to turn your backyard into a relaxation utopia. Beautiful artificial plants will have it looking like a paradise without the watering work and a wide selection of grills and smokers will have the neighbours peeking their heads over the fence wondering what smells so delicious!

Georgian Hot Tubs

After a long day of working hard, nothing beats melting away your aches and pains by slinking into the relaxing pleasure of a Georgian Hot Tub. With a huge selection of Hydropool Spas, Hydropool Swim Spas, and Plug and Play Spas, it’s easy to find the hot tub that fits your home and budget.

Posted by Barrie 360 on Friday, July 9, 2021


Serenity 5900 (Spa)

The generous footprint of the Serenity 5900 makes this our largest luxury lounge spa with room for five. The deep seats and full-body massage features include our exclusive wellness program and moonlights with two aqua blade waterfalls.

  • 41 Total Therapy Jets
  • Dual Speed Filtration
  • Programmable Filtration Cycles
  • Electronic Temperature Control
  • ClearSpring Filtration System
  • Cabinet Corner Lighting Feature

The 16 Ex Executive Sport (Swim Spa)

The 16 Ex Executive Sport delivers all the fitness and fun of our 12’ and 14’ AquaSport models plus extra room to stretch and work out in. With two distinct hydromassage seats, you can enjoy soothing aquatic therapy after every swim or just a long day. Each ergonomically designed seat has a unique jet configuration for total body relaxation, you’ll want to experience them all. The 16Ex AquaSport combines functionality with beauty. The steel-framed cabinet offers streamlined, modern styling made of durable, state-of-the-art materials that are virtually maintenance-free.

  • Self-Clean Mode
  • HyrdroFlex Foot Massage
  • Underwater LED Safety Lighting
  • 24 Total Therapy Jets
  • Optional Rowing Kit
  • SoftStride Exercise Mat

Softub 2020 (Plug ‘n’ Play)

For people of all ages and lifestyles, the Softub 220 is popular for hydrotherapy, family fun, and year-round hot tub enjoyment. Each Softub 220 model is available in five standard colours; Mocha, Dark Taupe, Carbon, Titanium and Cobalt. The Softub 220 package includes a bi-fold thermal lid, which retains the heat of the hot tub water.

  • 1 to 4 Person Capacity
  • Polybond Foam Inner Shell
  • LeatherTex Marine Grade Vinyl Upholstery
  • Coloured Interior Liner
  • Optional Multi-Coloured LED Lighting