Go From Bored To Board

Check out a few of Barrie's board game offerings!

Become a real estate mogul, perform delicate and time-sensitive surgery, test your strategic mettle on the high seas, or build a railroad empire. You can do all these things without ever leaving Barrie, in the form of board games!

Game Social

The Barrie Public Library hosts a Game Social that’s suitable for school-aged kids, teens, and adults. Learn a new game or bring your favorites and teach others how to play! The fun starts every Thursday from 2 pm to 6 pm at the downtown branch.

Placing a game piece
Strategic board games


From classic games like Jenga and Monopoly to newer sensations like Pandemic and Codenames, Perplexity is a great place for a fun night of board games. With a restaurant and escape rooms also available, there will be little reason to ever leave! (besides when you flip the monopoly board because your friend just built his eighth hotel)

Dice and board game
Roll the Dice

The Local Gastropub

Gourmet pub food, music, and board games. What could be better? How about adding some craft beer into the mix? The Local Gastropub has fantastic food and an ever-changing selection of craft beers on tap for you to wet your beak. With a modest selection of board games to choose from and live music events as well, sit back, relax and try to ignore the fact that your friend just sunk your carrier.

Get a “Clue” and jump into a few board game, a “Domino” effect will surely take place and you won’t be “Sorry” you took the “Risk”!