GO Transit responding to anticipated dip in ridership over COVID prudence with reduction of service.

Move comes as response to anticipated decline in demand

GO Transit is going to trim back its service, not as a reaction to COVID-19, but in anticipation of the public’s reaction to the disease.

“There will be a selective reduction in GO train and bus and UP Express service in continued support of provincial action and to protect Ontarians from COVID-19,” reads a statement from GO Transit’s parent company Metrolinx, “These changes will take effect starting on Wednesday, March 18.”

A crew member cleans a GO bus. At least 40 buses are being specially cleaned each day. (Metrolinx photo)

Metrolinx says the reduction in services to be in line with the expected reduction in ridership due to March Break, school closures, and the significant rise in work-from-home policies of various employers.

As GO Transit continues to take steps it deems necessary to protect its passenger, it asks that everyone check gotransit.com on a regular basis for service updates.

Details regarding the reduced service will be released on Sunday.