Gravenhurst Enacting Seasonal Burning Ban

With Warmer Weather Comes Proactive Fire Safety Measure

While the calendar might say April 1st, the Gravenhurst Fire Service isn’t joking around about its daytime burning ban.

Starting at the first of April, and running until the end of October, daytime burning is prohibited. Within Gravenhurst’s Ward 1, all open air burning is prohibited at all times; outside Ward 1, there is a two hour grace period before sunset and after sunrise where burning is allowed.

The Fire Service is asking you to consider the following factors if burning:

  • Only class A Combustibles can be burned
  • Fires must be 15 metres from all structures and vehicles
  • Fires must be 5 metres from any forested area
  • Fires cannot exceed 2 X 2 metres in size
  • Fires are not permitted in windy conditions
  • Smoke cannot impair motorists or other residents
  • Fires must be attended at all times with a water supply readily available
  • Zero tolerance for burning during declared fire bans

Fines for ignoring this ban could range between $200 and $350.