New scam artist ploy involves Canada Border Services Agency

Scammer claims they intercepted a package for you, and now there an arrest warrant out on you

There’s a new type of scam making the rounds, according to the South Simcoe Police, that might make you wonder what’s in the box.

Police say this scam involves someone claiming to be from the Canada Border Services Agency, claiming they’ve intercepted a package for you and a warrant has been issued for your arrest as a result.

“They’ll carpet bomb you with all kinds of serious-sounding charges. They’ll even give you an arrest warrant number and the case file number and possibly even an officer in charge,” said South Simcoe Police Sgt. Sean Willan. “This is all very intimidating, and it is meant to be. It is meant to scare you into compliance with this person’s demands.”

Willan says he was on the receiving end of just such a call, adding the scammer said one honest thing during the call: “We scam hundreds of people like you every day.”

Sgt. Willan’s best advice? Hang up.