Health Canada gives nod to single-dose Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine

U.S.-made vaccine said to be 85 percent effective against COVID-19

Health Canada has given its approval to the nation’s fourth COVID-19 vaccine, one that is said to work with just one shot.

Health officials confirmed the approval on Friday, to the U.S. pharma giant’s single dose formula, with 10 million doses already on order, with the option to buy another 28 million.

The Johnson and Johnson version of the vaccine is said to be 85 per cent effective against COVID-19, and while not as effective as its two-dose cousins, it does work with just one shot. The vaccine can also be stored for long periods of time at regular refrigerator temperatures.

It is approved for use in Canadians age 18 and older.

The government has previously approved vaccines produced by Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca.

This move is expected to significantly bolster Canada’s inoculation program, while earlier projections had everyone who was willing and able to get the shot to have access to one by September of this year.