Health Canada reports jump in disinfectant-related accidental poisonings during Covid Crisis

Burning eyes and trouble breathing the most common complaints

There was concern a couple of weeks ago about people ingesting certain disinfectants in the hope of killing the COVID-19 virus.

Health officials were quick to quash that advice.

But some people are still becoming ill while using those products to sanitize their homes in hopes of keeping the virus at bay.

Health Canada says there was a 58 percent increase in disinfectant-related accidental poisonings and other related ailments in February and March.

Burning eyes and trouble breathing have been the most common complaints.

Many of us have more cleaning products in our homes and are using them more often, sometimes unwisely.

For instance, some people are mixing bleach with vinegar which can produce a deadly gas.

And there have been a few cases of kids drinking hand sanitizer.