Staying “positively twisted” with Canada’s strongest man during visit to Barrie

Being strong and healthy not only comes with physical activity,  but more importantly, your diet

Mason Payne Fisher, 23, has a powerful fitness journey that inspired him to work his way up to being Canada’s strongest man.

Fisher paid a visit to Twisted Indian Wraps at Park Place in Barrie on Friday.

He says he was bullied about his weight around the age of 16 which played a factor in his spark to start working out. 

“Not being able to walk up and down the stairs flipped a switch for me,” he says.

Overcoming the negativity, Fisher wanted to make a change for himself. He started martial arts and there, he found his passion for fitness. Fisher wasn’t always into nutrition or watching what fuels his body, but when Covid-19 hit in 2020, that’s what ignited the change. 

“Everything was shut down, so I decided to go to the gym,” he says, “ I found a love for weightlifting and that’s when I decided I wanted to compete.” 

Fisher got more involved with his health and started building his body consistently.  

Competing in the Strongman Competition in Elliot Lake on February 24th, Fisher hopes to inspire others. He says the people in the industry are what drew him to compete and he created more of a desire for weightlifting. 

“Everybody wants to see each other do better – It doesn’t matter if you’re going against your biggest rival, you want them to succeed,” he says. 

Staying strong and healthy not only comes with physical activity,  but more importantly, your diet. Fisher has partnered up with Twisted Indian Wraps located in Park Place to spread the benefits of nutritional eating. 

Priya Gogia, owner of Twisted Indian Wraps, says the food they serve is natural and made fresh. She also says the leading cause of obesity and diabetes is processed foods and meat, which is something her restaurant doesn’t believe in. 

Twisted Indian Wrap’s Keto bowl which has 55 grams of protein, 11 grams of carbs, and 17 grams of fat. (Twisted Indian Wraps)

One of Gogia’s goals is to inspire people of all ages to go outside, eat healthy and take care of your body and she shows that by serving such nutritious foods, like the keto bowl.

“Our food is made from scratch and it’s real food for real people,” Gogia says. 

Gogia has donated $500 to the Busby Centre in Barrie to make change to the lives of the less fortunate and will also be feeding warm, homemade meals to the homeless.

“Everytime you come to Twisted for the month of February, ten per-cent of purchases will be going towards the Busby Centre, helping the less fortunate move towards a better future,” Gogia says. 

By joining Fisher and Gogia in enjoying a tasteful meal at Twisted Indian, you will be improving your health while also helping others to stay “positively twisted”. 

Mason Fisher and Priya Gogia inspire and help others to stay healthy. They both hold the $500 donation going towards the Busby Centre in Barrie. (Anna Petridis/Barrie360).

Banner Image: Anna Petridis