Help Needed To Expand Conservation Of The Minesing Wetlands

Conservancy wants to raise $840,000 by spring

The globally important Minesing Wetlands has room to grow, if The Nature Conservancy of Canada can raise $840,000 by the spring to protect another 80 acres of the property.

The Conservancy says the Minesing Wetlands is home to more than 30 species at risk and is a vast collection of fens, treed swamps and marshes, which act as a sponge to help mitigate floods. The wetlands also filters water that flows into Georgian Bay and from there into thousands of taps in nearby homes.

The 80 acres the Conservancy is trying to protect is just north of County Road 90 off Baldwick Lane in Utopia, east of Angus. The property is a collection of wetlands, fields, forests and headwater streams surrounding the core of the wetlands.

“The Minesing Wetlands are an amazing place where birds stopover in the tens of thousands during spring migration, fish are plentiful in the rivers and deer and other wildlife find a protected haven to rest. The Nature Conservancy of Canada is excited to have this opportunity to expand their protection and are seeking donations to help make that a reality.” says a Conservancy spokesperson.


The Minesing Wetlands is approximately 11,000 hectares(27,000 acres) and is often referred to as the “Everglades of the North” due to their designation as a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance — a distinction they share with their Floridian counterpart.

“With an increase in storm events, and dramatic changes in precipitation levels and patterns, protecting wetlands has never been more important. To ensure clean drinking water and dry basements for people, as well as homes for insects including the Hine’s emerald dragonfly, an extremely rare insect found only in the Minesing Wetlands in Canada, we need to act now to conserve large, intact wetlands like Minesing.”

People can donate to the campaign at: