Here’s how you apply for COVID-19 emergency benefits and EI

Do I qualify for EI? that Depends

If you qualify for EI or not depends on you. It’s specific to your situation and the number of hours worked in the last 52 weeks. Following Wednesday’s $82 billion Covid-19 aid package announcement by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Federal government has now recommended people apply as soon as possible. Remember though, to apply for EI, your job must have been terminated through no fault of your own.

Covid-19 on March 18th; Trudeau Announces $82B Aid Package

PM Trudeau announced a Covid-19 aid package of $82 billion dollars to help Canadians pay bills amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Read More:

Posted by Barrie 360 on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

You can visit this website or call the government’s toll-free number at 1-833-381-2725 to apply for EI.

Trudeau’s said on Wednesday the government would be waiving the one-week waiting period for sickness benefits. That measure applies to workers told to self-isolate and in quarantine.

For workers who don’t qualify for EI

Within that $82 billion dollar federal aid package is the Emergency Care Benefit and the Emergency Support Benefit. Workers unable to work due to Covid-19 and who don’t qualify for EI, can apply for the Emergency Care Benefit. That benefit provides up to $900 every two weeks for up to 15 weeks.

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This is for parents staying home to care for children because of school closures (regardless of if they qualify for EI). It also applies to workers (including self employed workers) under quarantine or sick with COVID-19. Applications can be made in April via the CRA website.