SCRIBES: History made at Patrick Fogarty

by Bianca Lenssen, Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School, Orillia

featuring the work of young journalists from Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District High Schools

Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School (PF) in Orillia is proud to have student Isaac McClelland in the role of Student Trustee for Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board. On January 16th, Isaac was sworn in as PF’s first student trustee in history.

Isaac is also an active student senate member and student council co-president along with Linnea A.. He has enthusiastically participated in and conducted many of PF’s school activities, such as Relay for Life, Semi Formals, and every theme day and holiday.

The idea of becoming the Student Trustee first occurred to Isaac in June of 2018. He spoke with past and present trustees about their duties and liked the idea of leading the senate and playing a bigger role within the school board. When asked about the application process, he is quoted as saying; “It was nerve racking. I knew that it was the job that I wanted but I didn’t know how to go about getting it. I talked to one of my friends, Edan M., who had been on the Senate in the past, and she made it easier for me telling me what to talk about and how to use examples to demonstrate that would be good as a leader.”

Isaac looks forward to August when his real duties start. There is no doubt that he has the support of many friends at PF, who are really proud of his accomplishment. Isaac added, “This is an incredible opportunity and I’m determined to make my school proud, and to work hard for the board.”