Holly Rec Centre To Stream Hockey Games Online

GAMEONSTREAM to Cover Recording Equipment Costs

If you can’t make your kid’s game at the Holly Rec Centre, there’s an app for that.

The City of Barrie will soon be running a pilot project at the community centre that would allow for the live-streaming of events, like hockey games.

The project is made possible with the help of the company GAMEONSTREAM, which approached the City with the opportunity. It has previously provided similar services in other municipalities, and would be responsible for installing cameras and recording devices, while adhering to privacy laws.

Parents, participants, and coaches could pay to have their game broadcasted, while those who can’t attend would be able to stream the game on their device. Coaches could also use the footage to evaluate plays.

GAMEONSTREAM is responsible for all the costs associated with the equipment and installation, while the City would get 5% of the streaming’s revenue; it is expected this would generate about $3,000 annually for the city.