Hope goes tubing this weekend in awareness campaign for “Seasons Centre for Grieving Children”

"Hope around town" sees Hope the mascot at several community events

Barrie’s “Seasons Centre for Grieving Children” has launched its ‘Hope around Town’ campaign.

The charity has turned its logo into a life-size mascot which will make stops at various community events starting this Saturday when ‘Hope goes tubing.’

Founder Rowley Ramey says Hope represents every child’s grief needs, and its path takes on many different directions and meanings, each unique in itself.

The latest campaign is to raise funds and awareness about the centre’s impact on youth in the community.

Ramey started the centre in 1995 after the death of his two daughters.

“When they died, we realized that there was lots of support for adults out there but no support for children. So we aimed to teach children how to process grief.” He explains

“We’ve been around for so long, but there’s still so much more to do in the Barrie area.” he continues.

“1 in 14 children suffered this kind of loss throughout their life, and one of our biggest struggles for the Season Centre is about awareness.”

That’s why Ramey wants to bring ‘Hope’ out into the community.

“People still say ‘I wish I had that when I was growing up’ or ‘I wasn’t aware of such great need.’ So hopefully, we’ll be able to raise that awareness and give children the support they need by creating this life-like entity going around town.

This Saturday, Hope will be at Horseshoe Resort as she goes tubing. It’s a chance to have a lot of fun while learning about an important cause and see Hope firsthand.

The season Centre will be there from 9 am-9 pm to kick off Hopes tour.

You can stop by, donate, or just say hi.

For more information and to see Hope’s schedule go to grievingchildren.com

Feature image from season centre via FB