How Close Is Too Close For Your Inlaws?

Survey says 15-45 minutes works well

Everyone may have loved Raymond (Everybody Loves Raymond), but Raymond…and especially his wife, Debra…sure didn’t love the constant visits from his parents who lived across the street.

Your inlaws may be lovely people, but generally in small doses.

Which begs the question, “What is the ideal distance to put between you and them?”

A survey by American financial services company Ally Home found, for many, that 15-45 minutes works well. It’s just far enough so that it makes it more difficult to “drop in” unannounced but makes getting together for planned family occasions easy.

More than a third of those asked (37%) felt family should not live close enough to just drop by unannounced.

More than half of respondents (57%) said there should be at least some driving distance between them and their parents or in-laws.P

And 38% said living within five minutes of parents or in-laws would be a major source of stress for them. Conversely, 64% said that while they love their adult children, they don’t want them living with them.

When asked about their preferences for which family members could live nearby, respondents said:

  • My siblings (30%)
  • My adult children (30%)
  • My parents (29%)
  • My in-law parents (25%)
  • My in-law siblings (24%)

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