How Would You Spend Barrie’s Money?

The City of Barrie wants your take on its budget as those in the know get cracking on the bottom line.

It’s Budget Season at Barrie City Hall, with staff tallying up all the foreseen expenses in 2020, and to help focus on what residents want most, folks are being encouraged to try out the Budget Allocator.

The online tool includes a sampling of dozens of City of Barrie programs and services and allows residents to increase, decrease, or maintain funding for things like transit, curbside collection, recreation, and emergency services.

Barrie CAO Michael Prowse says drawing up this year’s budget comes with a few added challenges. “This year, the City is facing additional budget pressures due to a number of funding and program changes introduced by the Provincial Government,” explained Prowse, “These include funding cuts to public health and changes to the Development Charges Act. There is only one taxpayer. When cuts happen at the Provincial level or services are downloaded to municipalities, local governments are left with the bill,”

The Budget Allocator is open until November 18th.