Innisfil Food Bank Shelves Are Near Bare

Donating at the Grocery Store The Fastest Way To Help

It hasn’t been the best summer for the Innisfil Food Bank.

“It was sort of the perfect storm,” says Rev. Howard Courtney, who oversees the food bank at the Innisfil Community Church. “The demand is up. We’ve had a significant increase over previous years. Plus, it was summertime, and there were less food drives coming in.”

Courtney says demand is outpacing supply. “In July we received almost one ton of food, which would be prepared and ready to go out in August. But in August, we gave out more than three tons of food.”

It’s easy to help out; Reverend Courtney says just pick up a few extra items as you shop for yourself. “In those stores, there are food bins for the food bank, and if they buy a few items and drop them in, that’d be awesome.” Courtney points out about half of what is collected door-to-door has already expired, so it’s easier to donate directly at the store. Cash or grocery store gift cards can be dropped off directly at the Innisfil Community Church.

As for what is most needed, the church’s Facebook page has more info.

A major food drive is planned for September 28th, with the help of the South Simcoe Police Service.