Innisfil Pride Announces Cancellation Of Parade

The rest of the Innisfil Pride Festival will go on as planned

It all comes down to insurance.

Innisfil Pride is unable to hold its first ever parade as scheduled, as it wasn’t able to get the required insurance in line before the deadline.

“One of the requirements is an insurance certificate” says Innisfil Mayor Lynn Dollin “By the date we required it, it wasn’t yet available to us then.”

“They put off the decision until the last week of June at a council meeting, before giving us final approval, it took time for insurance to come through.” says Innisfil Pride co-founder Jake Tucker. “Insurance just went on the back burner for us as we worked with other matters. The Insurance (company) even stated that it’s three weeks until the event, no need to rush.” Tucker adds no deadline was ever communicated to Innisfil Pride.

While the parade can’t go ahead, both sides seem to want to work together. “The Mayor did reach out with a phone call to myself. We had a discussion, she wants to see the parade happen.” says Tucker. “I do feel like we have support from the Mayor and council itself.”

Dollin echoed his desire to work collaboratively. “It’s always easier to do something year after year after year than it is to do it for the first time. We’re going to sit down with them, and hopefully find out where the miscommunication happened, and how we can move forward in the future.”

Innisfil’s Pride Festival will still take place next weekend, at the Arcadian Park and Events Grounds on the 3rd Line of Innisfil.