It’s A Bonus If The Christmas Bonus Is Money

What employees would like for a Christmas bonus and what they actually get is a different thing

While some of us are dreaming of a White Christmas, others are dreaming of a bonus from the boss.

60 per cent of Canadians will get some kind of reward from their employer to mark the holiday season.

Survey by HR software company ADP CANADA found 40 per cent of employers who show their staff some festive cheer will do it with a Christmas party, 28 per cent give extra time off, 16 per cent give some sort of gift, and seven per cent prefer a charitable activity.

54 per cent of employees said money would be their first choice.

The survey suggests it is not top of mind with the boss.

Only 15 per cent of workers get a financial bonus.

And a lump of coal to the one third of employers who give nothing at Christmas.