It’s Summer! Don’t Get Too Excited.

"What you've seen is what you get"

It’s been a long trek through spring.

Cooler than normal and 40 per cent wetter than usual.

“I think people are getting a little testy”

– David Phillips, Environment Canada

David Phillips, Chief Climatologist at Environment Canada, notes that by the first day of summer last year we had 16 days above 26C. This year, there’s been one.

Why? We’ve been caught in the middle of two forces of nature – warmer air to the south and cooler Canadian air.

And the summer does not look promising. Essentially, what you’ve seen, is what you’ll get, says Phillips, “Last year you could wake up on a Monday and say let’s go golfing on Thursday and be sure that it’s going to be a good golf day. This year it’s not that way. Enjoy those days that are good days, they could be few and far between.”

Phillips is quick to note we will get some heat and humidity, just not in long stretches and not likely the 20-plus days of 30-degree heat we had last summer.

banner image via Artem Beliaikin/