Jobless rate continued to rise across the country, with exceptions including Barrie

Jobless rate edged down, employment rate remains highest in the land

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be felt in the job market. Most metropolitan areas across the country saw a rise in unemployment.

Not Barrie.

The City of Barrie’s jobless rate actually shed nearly an entire percentage point to fall to 10.8 percent. It is among the few municipalities to actually see improvement.

Both federally and provincially, the jobless rate edged up nearly two percentage points and is double that of the pre-COVID economy.

Meanwhile, the city’s employment rate, the percentage of able-bodied residents in the workforce, remained the highest in all of Canada in June, as it was in May.

Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman pointed out via social media the city’s high employment rate can be atrributed to those in Barrie’s business community who chose to keep their employees on the payroll.