Jonathan Torrens Launches New Show, “Your Two Cents”

The production will launch as an eight part web series

Former “Street Cents” cast member Jonathan Torrens (also of Jonovision and Trailer Park Boys fame) wants to help 20-somethings know-what-they’re-saying, and buying. J-roc references aside, Torrens and Canadianity Content Studios partnered with Credit Unions of Atlantic Canada to launch “Your Two Cents.” The creators call it a financial literacy show “that targets the new generation of savvy consumers.”

The production will launch as an eight part web series. “The thing I always loved about “Street Cents” is that it didn’t condescend to its viewers, just armed them with valuable info they could use to make their own decisions. In the same way, “Your Two Cents” will blend pop culture and parody with solid practical takeaway information,” said Torrens, Partner CCS.

“When the opportunity arose, we knew we had to be a part of “Your Two Cents”,” says Mike Leonard, CEO of Atlantic Central, the regional trade association for credit unions across Atlantic Canada. “The programming and messaging featured throughout “Your Two Cents” speaks directly to our values of providing honest, straight forward financial advice to our members. It also shows that we really do understand the financial realities many younger consumers face today. Financial literacy doesn’t have to be stiff and boring, it can be fun and accessible, while still being useful and “Your Two Cents” really highlights that.”

Street Cents

The first season of “Your Two Cents” will be airing early spring and will have eight episodes for viewing/streaming online. Have an idea? What to know more about a money matter? Send them to