June 6th, 2019 Is The 75th Anniversary of the Normandy Landings

Lest we forget

A pivotal turning point in the second world war, the invasion of Normandy, or Operation Overlord as it was code-named, was the starting point of the campaign that would see western Europe liberated from Nazi control.

Nearly 150,000 allied troops landed or parachuted into Normandy, including 14,000 Canadians at Juno beach. Along with air and naval support, D-Day was the largest invasion in military history. The Allies would land six-infantry divisions (10,000-20,000 soldiers) plus armored units along a 100-km stretch of coastline. Paratroopers were also dropped behind enemy lines to support the landings. There were 5 beaches that would be the site for the invasions, American forces would land at Utah and Omaha, British forces at Gold and Sword, and the Canadian forces at Juno.

By the end of the Battle of Normandy, Canadian casualties reached over 18,700, with 5,000 Canadians giving the ultimate sacrifice. On June 6 at 7 pm Meridian Place in Barrie will remember the service and sacrifice of the Canadian heroes who charged so valiantly, into the jaws of death.