Kick Those Batteries To the Curb This Week

Battery Collection Week Runs November 4-8

You’ve filled up your battery collection bag; now it’s time to huck it to the curb.

The County of Simcoe and City of Barrie have partnered up again this year to roundup dead batteries from homes across the land, while Orillia will also be holding a curbside battery collection all this week. Collection bags were sent to households throughout Barrie and Simcoe County in September. Orillia residents are encouraged to use a sealed clear plastic bag.

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“Help us protect the environment and divert harmful chemicals from the landfill by placing your used household batteries at the curb during this special collection,” said Greg Preston, Orillia’s Manager of Water and Waste Management. “This is an easy way for Orillia residents to properly recycle their used household batteries.”

All you need to do is place your battery-filled bag at the curb (next to your recycling box in Barrie and Simcoe County; on top of your paper waste recycling box in Orillia) on your regular waste collection day this week, November 4th to the 8th. In Barrie and Simcoe County, collected batteries are then sent off for processing at a company in Ontario that separates out the various components, recycling about 90 percent of a battery’s material.

As Battery Collection Week coincides with the end of Daylight Saving Time, residents are encouraged to change the batteries in their smoke and CO alarms and include the old batteries in the collection.

Last year alone, the County of Simcoe collected 25.7 tonnes of batteries, keeping their harmful chemicals out of garbage and landfills.