LA Fitness was able to “work out” a way to safely allow folks back into its Barrie locations

gym members will be given their own sanitizer to be used in the gym

After spending months at home, many folks might be looking at an expanded waistline. Monday’s news that gyms can reopen Friday as part of a transition into stage 3 of recovery may have come as very welcome news.

But what should be expected upon returning to the gym? Aside from some sore muscles afterward, that is.

“We’re limiting club capacity as required,” said Ash Kagra of LA Fitness, speaking to Barrie 360 from their Park Place location. “There’s a limit of 50 guests within the club, and all our staff are going to be wearing masks and disinfecting all the equipment.”

While the gym’s staff members will be keeping a close eye on sanitation throughout the facility, some responsibility lies with the gym-goer too. “We’re also going to be providing disinfectant spray bottles for every member that’s coming in. So that way after each use, they can spray down the equipment,” he added.

The facility will look a bit different than the last time you were there. “We’re limiting space,” continued Kagra. “Essentially, we’ve made room about six feet across for each piece of equipment. We are still holding classes, we do have our pool that’s going to be open, but there’s going to be a limited capacity for the pool. Change rooms will be available.”

Given the nature of a gym’s environment, Kagra wouldn’t be surprised if some folks stayed home. “I think that there’s gonna be a stigma going around, that you’re approaching a gym, it might be an area that is full of germs or bacteria. But you’re gonna find that in every avenue in every sort of market or event that you’re going to. The most important thing is, how the staff and also how their members are approaching a situation.”

“I think eventually after the government, and more so Simcoe County, see that, hey, this is successful, this is working, they might, and I’m certainly hopeful, that they’re gonna release the restrictions a little bit, make them a little bit lighter, increase the capacity. This is my hope.” Kagra concluded.

Both LA Fitness locations in Barrie will open as of Friday.