Learn from home with the Barrie Public Libary

You might not know it, but the Barrie Public Library’s Digital Library Academy has tons of ways to read, watch, listen, and learn, all without leaving home!

The Digital Library Academy is an online resource and database that house hundreds of ways to help teach yourself new skills or brush up on old ones. There is access to millions of scholarly articles, information on auto repair sources, online arts and crafts classes, e-books and digital magazines, and tons more. There are even some resources to help kids on their learning journeys including ways to track their reading progress.

One of their newest additions is a series titled “It’s On The Shelf“, which gives local authors tips on writing, self-publishing, and getting your book onto the library’s shelves, while also interviewing eight writers from around the area.

To check out everything the Digital Library Academy has to offer, click here.

Featured image courtesy of cottonbro via pexels.com