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Lifeguards on duty at two Barrie beaches beginning June 30

As in previous years, there is no supervision at any other waterfront locations.

News release from the City of Barrie

With summer now in full swing, residents are invited to enjoy the City of Barrie’s beaches and parks. Lifeguards will be on-duty at Johnson’s and Centennial beaches starting June 30. Here are some helpful reminders when visiting the City’s waterfront and park areas this summer season:


Barrie’s beaches offer a great way to beat the summer heat, and residents and visitors are asked to remember the following when enjoying the City’s beaches:

  • Beginning June 30, lifeguards will be on-duty daily from 11:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. (weather-permitting) at Johnson’s and Centennial for the summer season. When lifeguards are on-duty, signs are posted, and buoy lines mark the designated swimming areas supervised. As in previous years, there is no supervision at any other waterfront locations.
  • Parents and guardians are reminded that ​children require direct supervision at the beach.
  • The PFD loan service will be offered for the 2022 season. This program allows visitors to borrow Personal Floatation Devices for free (a deposit is required).
  • Please be respectful and clean up your litter. If garbage cans are full, please take your garbage with you.
  • Barbeques and other cooking appliances are not permitted at waterfront beaches or parks.
  • Tents or sunshades are not permitted at waterfront beaches or parks unless they are supported by no more than one pole and have no more than one wall or side.
  • Dogs are not permitted on City beaches.


Visit the parks listing to view the full list of Barrie’s parks and their amenities, including splash pads, playgrounds, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and tennis courts. Please note that dogs must be leashed at all times in City parks, aside from the Dog Off-Leash Recreation Areas (DOLRAs).

Waterfront Parking

A digital waterfront parking permit or hangtag waterfront parking pass is required to park for free at specific waterfront areas. The hangtag pass system is being phased out, and all hangtag passes will expire December 31, 2023. Residents are encouraged to apply for their digital waterfront parking permit, which is replacing the hangtag waterfront parking pass system. Visit for more information and for detailed instructions on how to apply. You can park without a pass/permit for $10/hour with a daily max of $50 in waterfront parking areas, except in select areas that are within walking distance of the following locations:

  • Centennial Beach (65 Lakeshore Drive)
  • Dock Road Park (204 Dock Road)
  • Johnson’s Beach (2 Johnson Street)
  • Minet’s Point Park (10 Brennan Avenue)
  • Tyndale Park (45 Tyndale Road)
  • Wilkins Park (121 Crimson Ridge Road)

These additional on-street parking restrictions began June 15 and are in effect daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. until September 15, 2022. For a full list of waterfront parking areas, visit

Support Local

Open Air Dunlop is happening this summer, which means a section of Dunlop Street is closed to traffic every Saturday.