Loaded handgun seized during home invasion in Midland

Caller alerts police to people breaking into his home

Two 20-year-old men face more than a dozen charges including theft, weapons and drug offences in what Southern Georgian Bay OPP say was a home invasion in Midland.

Police were called shortly after 12:30 this morning by the occupant of a Manly Street residence who said he could hear someone breaking into his home. The resident said the suspects had their faces obscured and that one was armed with a handgun.

Officers arrested two males seen walking on Manly Street who matched the description given. During a search, police found a loaded handgun and a can of noxious spray on one of the suspects as well as a baton on the other. In addition to items stolen from the home, police also located a quantity of cocaine.

One suspect is from Orillia and the other is from Tiny Township.