Local ghost stories for spooky season: Scarier than you think!

From all around Simcoe County.

Simcoe County always has plenty of Halloween events to keep you busy in October. However, sometimes all those artificial scares just don’t do the trick (or treat).

If you’re looking for some real local ghost stories we have a few of the spookiest places in Simcoe County whose residences claim to have a few … spectral guests.

The Beck House

Haunted Simcoe Part 3: The Beck House

Is this Airbnb in Penetanguishene haunted?

Posted by Barrie 360 on Friday, October 30, 2020

If you’re ever taking a trip to the Penetanguishene area and want a super unique place to stay, you can actually rent a room at The Beck House through Airbnb!

The house was once home to Charles Beck, his wife, and 9 of their children. Visitors and residents have reported flickering lights, strange noises, and you might even feel a tug on your blankets when you get into bed for the night.

Don’t worry though, all reports here point to Casper-style ghosts (the friendly kind!).

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Penetanguishene Centennial Museum

Haunted Simcoe Part 2: Penetanguishene Centennial Museum

The living might not be the only guests at this museum…

Posted by Barrie 360 on Thursday, October 29, 2020

Complete your ghostly stay in Penetanguishene with a visit to the Penetanguishene Centennial Museum. Also built by Charles Beck all the way back in 1875, this building served as the town’s lumber office and general store until it was converted into the town’s museum in 1967.

Staff and visitors have heard footsteps when they’re the only ones in the building, doors opening and closing, and the “ding” of the entrance bell that isn’t even there anymore.

Talk about history coming alive (or at least back to life).

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St. Columbkille Church

Haunted Simcoe Part 1: St. Columbkille Church

Is this Orillia church haunted?

Posted by Barrie 360 on Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Besides having a super ominous name, rumours of St. Columbkille Church‘s haunted nature have been circulating Orillia for decades and one nighttime visit will back those stories up.

The church was founded in 1855 by Irish and Scottish parishioners fleeing famine and religious persecution. Soon after, they began spreading the urban legend of its haunting.

We’re sure the 100-year-old rectory and, more than a few, unknown graves have certainly added to the legend of St. Columbkille.

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The Museum on the Boyne

Take a trip to The Museum on the Boyne in Alliston, and you’ll get a triple whammy when it comes to both haunted buildings and ghostly visitors.

The MacDonald Log Cabin from 1851, the English Barn from 1858, and the Agricultural Fair Building from 1915 have all had reported ghost sightings. These include loud footsteps, cold spots, and unknown orbs and lights.

Some of the ghosts who haunt this place are Andrew, a man who used to work in the building, the “Lovely Ladies”, who appear every June before disappearing shortly after, and even a cat, who has been spotted on the main floor of the building.

One visit and you’ll have a few local ghost stories of your own.

Fort Willow

A strategically placed supply depot during the War of 1812, Fort Willow had seen its fair share of horrors, so it’s almost a given that ghost stories will begin to swirl.

The Commander of the fort (who went on a hunting trip and never came back) and a young soldier (who was flogged and hung for desertion) are just a few of the ghosts who have been seen wandering the walls at Fort Willow.

Keep your head down too, because reports of ghostly gunshots have also been reported.

Taste of Freedom Inn

Posted by A Taste of Freedom Country Inn on Tuesday, April 24, 2012

With such delicious food, it’s hard to blame any of the ghosts for wanting to stick around the Taste of Freedom Inn!

Originally built to serve Tottenham as a bank in 1883, the building is now home to a restaurant and multi-room inn, but the vaulted ceilings and original vault can still be seen inside.

Guests of the inn have reported ghostly apparitions walking the halls and door handles rattling in the night. Just let them in, they’re only hungry (hungry for what though?).

The Farmhouse

In the early 1890’s a hotel was built a short walk from the Allandale Railway Station. The YMCA moved into this location…

Posted by Barrie Historical Archive on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Farmhouse is one Building in Barrie with a whole lot of history.

Originally built in 1890 just a short walk from the Allendale Train Station, it was once a YMCA, a “gentlemen’s club”, and eventually, the restaurant that is now an absolute staple in the Barrie community.

While they aren’t quite sure who it is, wait staff and guests have more than a few stories of supernatural things occurring like glassware moving on its own, doors opening and closing on their own, and phantom footsteps coming from all corners of the building.

Next time you go, ask the server if they’ve experienced anything after they’ve locked up!

South Simcoe Theatre

Snuggly nestled in the middle of Cookstown, the South Simcoe Theatre is another haunted building with no shortage of spooky stories.

Since the building has been used as a meeting hall, dance studio, and theatre, there are plenty of people who have had ghostly experiences.

Ghost hunters have picked up whispering sounds, children giggling, video of a shadowing figure moving across the stage, and more. This is one of the few places where people have actually felt the touch of a ghost too with some saying they could feel a hand on their shoulder!

Gravenhurst Opera House

The story goes that an old theatre operator named Ben was walking the bridge (the equipment and lighting walkway above the stage) when he suddenly fell to his death.

The exact reason for his fall is very much up to speculation. Some say he was adjusting lights and fell by accident. Others claim that a broken heart caused him to jump from the bridge willingly.

Many guests of the Gravenhurst Opera House have experienced goosebumps, cold spots, and a few have even claimed to have seen Ben himself walking around behind the stage. Others, however, have spent years at the theatre without so much as a whisper from old Ben.

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Would You Check Out These Haunted Places In The Barrie Area?

Do you have the courage to check out these haunted places in Simcoe County? Seeing as all these locations have friendly ghosts, we think just about anybody should go check them out.

Have a few local ghost stories of your own? Be sure to let us know!

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