Local musician and creator of Barrie’s Live Music Show might appear on America’s Got Talent

After nailing his first virtual auditions with covers of “All Along the Watchtower” and as well as some original songs, local musician Jake Mathias just completed his second audition and just might appear on the television broadcast of America’s Got Talent.

Jake Mathias is also the creator of Barrie’s Live Music Show, which helps raise money for local charities by bringing together local artists for live online performances. “It would be amazing to get Barrie’s Live Music Show on the world stage and take the fundraising to the world level,” said Jake.

The weight

Jamming at the store. A little cell video. I think i might play this song 🤔

Posted by Jake Mathias on Monday, January 11, 2021

While he isn’t sure exactly when he will appear on America’s Got Talent or whether it will be another purely virtual performance, Jake Mathias is excited at the possibility of representing Barrie artists in such a big way. Why wait to see him play though? Head over to Barrie’s Live Music Show right now and watch Jake and tons of other amazing local talent.

Featured image courtesy of Popcorn via youtube.com