Local Musician to Lead Music Workshop for Youth

Calling all aspiring young musicians.

On November 7th, the Five Points Theatre welcomes anyone aged 19 and younger to a drop-in open jam session. The workshop will be lead by local musician Shawn Steinhart and will give participants the chance to explore a variety of musical instruments and techniques.

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Instruments that will be provided include ukulele, guitar, piano, percussion instruments and cajons locally made and donated by Joe Garassi of JoJo Cajons. Participants are also welcome to bring their own instruments.

“…it is imperative to embrace/grow your creative side…”

With a handful of experience playing shows downtown Barrie and over 20 years playing music, Shawn Steinhart brings a significant amount of expertise to this program. He is happy to pass along his knowledge about the musical world but also excited about what events like this can do for those involved.

Explaining why events like this matter he says, ” These events are so important because music instills a level of confidence some don’t get especially those who aren’t involved in sports or naturally gifted at that. And even those who are, it is imperative to embrace/grow your creative side… and teach the brain different ways of growing and looking at learning.”

Shawn Steinhart

Drop-in open jam musical instructor, Shawn Steinhart.
Image courtesy of Everleigh Toronto via Facebook.

Steinhart is hopeful to increase musical exposure to youth by pushing for events like this to happen. He explains that many local community centres focus heavily on sports-based activity and less around the arts.

“…with anything, improvement comes with discipline and drive.”

Having a place to introduce kids to music as early on as possible can help to instill an interest for a hobby they may not have had otherwise. Steinhart says,”Overall goal of events is to as stated involve youth in music more but also to create a safe place to explore creatively and share their passion and love for music with like minded peers. To push comfort zones and get kids making music together where they may not jam at home or in their normal run of the day.”

5 points music event

One of many music-based events for youth, held at Five Points Theatre.
Image courtesy of Creative Barrie via Instagram.

For those who have always dreamt about playing an instrument, this workshop may be a great place to start.  No matter what your musical skill level, Steinhart expresses that patience and persistent is absolutely crucial. “Anyone looking to pickup an instrument I’d say take lessons, and be persistent. Be patient everyone takes time to learn and with anything improvement comes with discipline and drive.”