Looking for cooking recipes online? Cut through the noise with this cool website

Just show us how to make it already!

With everyone spending more time at home, many have been practising our culinary skills with all sorts of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. However, if you’ve ever looked up a recipe online you may have noticed that nine times out of ten, in order to get to the good stuff you often have to sift through tons of ads, pop-ups, email lists, and sometimes the author’s life story too. Well, no longer!

Just the Recipe is a nifty little website that lets you drop in any URL and it will cut out everything but the recipe with ingredients, directions, servings, and cook time. All you have to do is find a recipe, copy the URL, and paste it into Just the Recipe.

This is what the recipe looks like before:

This is after:

Super easy and it might just save you a little bit of time the next time you’re cooking (or baking) up a storm. Do yourself a favour and save Just the Recipe to your bookmarks. We did!