Lost your way at RVH? GPS will soon guide you

System should be in place by next spring

You see them all the time.

People in the hall at the hospital, scratching their heads, looking lost, wondering which way to go.

The coloured lines on the floor can help, but maybe this will be even better.


Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) is partnering with digital wayfinding service Connexient on an indoor mapping and navigation system.

“At RVH, patients and their families are at the centre of everything we do and ensuring they have a positive experience in our health centre is a key focus,” says Nancy Cunningham, Interim Director, Informatics & Technology Services Department at RVH.  “RVH is a very large facility and can be difficult to navigate so implementing Connexient’s innovative, Bluetooth-based indoor positioning and navigation technology will most definitely be a tremendous benefit to the patient and family experience.

Popular features include: 

  • turn-by-turn “blue dot” indoor navigation
  • seamless transitions from outdoor to indoor and between floors
  • voice guidance and off-route notifications on routes
  • searchable directory and directions to all patient services and amenities
  • “Meet Me” location sharing between patients and their family members

The system should be in place by the spring of 2020.