Mapleview Construction Costs Just Went Up

Change in Watermain Routing Increases Project Budget By $1.7m

The City of Barrie is committing another $1.7 million towards a watermain under Mapleview Drive.

The cost of installing the main from Yonge St. to Royal Jubilee Dr. had to be increased after it was discovered the pipes need to take a different path than originally anticipated. The total cost of the project now sits at just over $5m. This is the second increase in the project’s budget, with council previously approving a $697,000 increase in funding. The funding was paid for by the landowners, in exchange for development charge credits.

The modified routing of the watermain is said to help avoid conflict with future road improvements. A number of planned developments in the area rely on the completion of the project, to allow for building permits to be issued for early next year. It is anticipated the project would be complete before the end of this year.