Mapleview Getting A Fresh Coat of Asphalt

Paving Underway At Long-Standing South End Project

Some fresh asphalt is going down on part of Mapleview Drive.

The City of Barrie has begun paving the expanded lanes of the south Barrie roadway, after the project to widen Mapleview began a year ago. Now that all of the watermain connection and electrical conduit work at the Madelaine intersection has been completed, and the new granular base is laid, laying asphalt could begin in earnest.

Stew Patterson, Barrie’s Manager of Construction says, once the asphalt is laid, then the fun begins. “Traffic will be flipped from the existing detour roads to the newly paved, which is the ultimate westbound lanes. And then we have to construct the eastbound lanes. That should take until September.”

It was expected the project would be completed by the end of August. Patterson says this is despite extensive foresight. “We do try, in the designs, to do our geotechnical work and try to understand the existing conditions when we’re out there constructing, but… things do come up.”

The project, widening Mapleview from Country Lane to Yonge St. is to accommodate the anticipated increase in traffic once many of the Annexed Lands developments are complete.