March Break in April and nothing to do? Mayor suggests walking tours of the city

Heritage homes and historic buildings along seven tours

No need to be stuck at home with the kids during the school break (though rain early in the week might see to that).

While pandemic restrictions have negated a lot of activities, Mayor Jeff Lehman has an idea that will get you out of the house, learn about the city and not cost you anything.

The city’s website outlines several walking tours of the city, one of them along the lakeshore which Lehman says is more than just a beach and a playground, “If you go for a walk today from say the South Shore Centre where there’s an exhibit about the Roundhouse in the railway… or start at Military Heritage Park, look at some of our indigenous military history or our international Canadian military history. Then right around the bay, there are plaques and exhibits, including interpretive panels all the way to the end of the North Shore trail. So, it’s really an opportunity to get to know your city.”

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There are also walking tours through many neighbourhoods, past heritage homes and buildings, including the Allandale Train Station, Courthouse Hill and Jail and other historic buildings and architecture.

Tour descriptions, pictures and maps are on the city’s website.

images courtesy City of Barrie