Marco Muzzo Denied Parole

Convicted Drunk Driver Failed to Deal With Substance Abuses

Convicted Drunk Driver Marco Muzzo has been denied parole.

A Gravenhurst parole board today denied Muzzo’s request for day and full-time parole, stating he has yet to fully address his substance abuses.

Muzzo was convicted for the 2015 drunk-driving crash that claimed the lives of three children aged 2, 5 and 9, and their 65-year-old grandfather. He pleaded guilty in court in 2016.

The children’s mother, Jennifer Neville-Lake, said following the verdict that Muzzo feels no remorse. “Although parole was denied, it doesn’t change a thing for me,” she said. “I will still stare at urns, still stare at photos because an impaired driver stole innocent lives.”

Feature image courtesy of the Neville-Lake family via Facebook