Men Accused of Impaired Driving Had Licences Pulled For Three Months

Two charges in about twenty-four hours

A few guys around the region will be on foot after police say they were caught driving impaired.

The first arrest happened Tuesday night, around 7:30; Nottawasaga OPP officers were called to a County Roads 10 and 21 gas station with reports of an impaired driver. Police arrived to find the suspect in the parking lot. A short investigation later, and the 30-year-old Essa Township man was charged, while his licence was suspended for 90 days.

About 24 hours later, police say they spied a vehicle guilty of stunt driver, and pulled the car over on Vasey Road in Severn. After speaking to the driver, the officer put the suspect through the paces and decided he’d been drinking and driving. A 24-year-old Severn man has been charged appropriately, as police also seized his licence for 90 days.