Mercedes-Benz unveiled a cool new car you can control with your mind

The future of cars? Hopefully.

Every day, we’re inching closer and closer to being able to become a real-life Knight Rider and now, Mercedes-Benz just showed off a car that you can control with your mind (even KITT couldn’t do that).

While it’s only a concept car (for now), the Vision AVTR uses light dots projected on the car’s dashboard to allow passengers to control certain features by simply thinking about them. As long as you’re wearing the rather goofy-looking headset, you can do things like turn on the A/C, change the radio station, or switch on the seat warmers without even lifting a finger or using your voice.

Controlling it with your mind is definitely the most advanced feature of the car, but it doesn’t stop there. The car is also self-driving with the complete absence of a steering wheel and the wheels themselves can rotate far enough to allow it to move sideways (goodbye parallel parking woes).

Just to reiterate, it’s only a concept car, so there are no plans to mass-produce it and we certainly won’t be seeing anything like it in the very near future. However, we would be lying if we said it wasn’t insanely cool and we didn’t want one (like, right now).

Featured image courtesy of Mercedes-Benz via