Midland man facing 20 criminal charges after police followed up on footprints in the snow

20-year-old man charged after police were able to ID him through video

A young Midland man is facing a slew of charges after neighbours found tracks in the snow.

A Cook Drive resident called the cops on April 15th to report he’d found fresh footprints in the snow around his vehicle that morning. A similar report came in the following day, which led the investigating officer to speak to a number of residents in the area along with a review of residential security cameras. Police say the video shows someone attempting to open car doors in the neighbourhood over a few days.

Just before 8:00 Saturday morning, officers were called out to a coffee shop on Midland Ave. with reports someone was trying to steal a donation box tacked to the drive-thru window. Police say the suspect matched the earlier video reviewed, and a 20-year-old man was placed under arrest.

The Midland man faces a total of 20 criminal charges including theft, trespassing, and probation violation.