Midland and other North Simcoe municipalities to receive over $3.6 million combined in provincial infrastructure funding

News release – Town of Midland

The Town of Midland will gratefully receive $935,354 in infrastructure funding toward Town infrastructure initiatives in 2022 from the annual Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF). This is an increase of 105 per cent from funding received in both 2020 and 2021. The OCIF is a provincial program that provides support for local infrastructure projects in communities with populations under 100,000. For the four North Simcoe municipalities this much-needed funding results in over $3.6 million for Midland, Tiny, Tay and Penetanguishene.

“I met with the Minister of Infrastructure this Fall, along with our senior staff, to ensure that they appreciate the needs of Midland as well as the opportunities. We certainly agree with the Premier that smaller municipalities will be at the forefront of building Ontario’s future,” said Mayor Stewart Strathearn.

“Midland always has been and will continue to be an important hub for North Simcoe, but we require assistance to keep pace with aging infrastructure and to invest in new projects for recovery, growth and sustainability. For quite some time our residents have funded most of this work through our local taxes and it is refreshing to see more funds come our way and a commitment to revisiting the funding formula.”

Over $14 million in funding will be allocated in our Simcoe North riding, including $5,289,462 to the County of Simcoe, and $3,268,167 to the City of Orillia. Closer to home, $3.6 million in funding will be allocated in North Simcoe, with Tay Township receiving $1,061,297, Midland receiving $935,354, Penetanguishene receiving $837,563, and Tiny Township receiving $783,094.

“Thank you to the Government of Ontario, Premier Doug Ford, Minister of Infrastructure Kinga Surma, and Simcoe North MPP Jill Dunlop, for your continued support of our local community infrastructure improvement efforts,” added Mayor Strathearn.

In 2021, approximately $200 million in OCIF funding was allocated to 424 small, rural and northern communities. Funding allocations are based on a formula that recognizes different economic conditions and community needs in Ontario.

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