Midland to recommence work on King St. at the end of the month, including new sidewalks and lighting

Phase Two of Rejuvenation Project to get underway as of March 20th

Spring is just around the corner, and you know what that means… construction season!

The Town of Midland says, with the onset of some warmer weather, it will commence Phase Two of the King St. Rejuvenation Project as of March 30th.

The project builds on the progress made in Phase One, with continued work along King St. to replace underground infrastructure, as well as sidewalks, trees, and lighting.

“We understand many downtown businesses are impacted by Covid-19,” said Mayor Stewart Strathearn “Moving forward with this project now, as planned, we expect to complete the project this year avoiding any carryover and added disruption in 2021.”

Phase 2 will be done in one-block increments, with the first block of work being done from Bayshore Drive to Dominion Avenue. The project will continue south, with Elizabeth Street to Yonge Street being the final block.