Mobi Mats Making Centennial Beach A Hot Spot For All

Addition Expected to Make Beach More Accessible

The City of Barrie is just finishing tacking down some new mobi mats at Centennial Beach, in a bid to make the site more accessible.

Mobi Mats are lightweight, non-slip pathways that can be rolled out across any beach. The mats could be used for pedestrians, wheelchairs, or strollers.

Cheryl Dillon, A City of Barrie Accessibility and Diversity Specialist, says these mats will make for a much more enjoyable beach going experience for all. “These mobi mats are going to allow these families to actually be able to go out onto the sand while their children are playing on the sand, building sand castles. Whereas before, while they were on the boardwalk, which is close to the sand, the boardwalk space doesn’t get people right onto the sand.”

The mats aren’t going anywhere either. “There’s these little gadgets, little connectors, like larger staples, that are hammered into the sand.” says Dillon. “There’s a mechanism inside that kind of holds it in place.”

Dillon wants to know what you think of the mats too. “We are looking at having mobi mats at other beaches in city” she says. “But this is our first foray into mobi mats. We’ll definitely take some feedback from the community and have them help guide us in our future selections. We’re making it meaningful for them.”