More catalytic converter thefts from vehicles reported in the region

Thieves covet the precious metals inside that can fetch top dollar at metal recyclers

South Simcoe Police reported a couple of them last week.

Now, OPP in Orillia are investigating the theft of catalytic converters; three in the last week or so.

Police issue warning following spate of catalytic converter thefts in Innisfil and beyond

One was cut from a car parked in a public parking lot in Orillia. The owner realized his car had been tampered with after starting it and hearing the loud, non-muffled exhaust.

In Oro-Medonte, a homeowner interrupted a theft in progress early one morning.

Another vehicle owner in Orillia discovered her catalytic converter had been stolen when she found part of her muffler system on the ground near her vehicle.

In each case, the targeted vehicle was a Honda CRV. Across the province, the most targeted vehicles have been motorhomes, and Ford trucks, located in parking lots, service garages, storage properties and driveways.

Thieves are after the precious metals in the converters – platinum, palladium, and rhodium – which can fetch top dollar from metal recycling companies.

Police recommend the following:

  • Park your vehicle in a garage if available.
  • Always park in a well-lit area.
  • Install motion lighting and video surveillance equipment if possible.
  • Park your vehicle close to a fence or curb on the muffler side, this will make the theft more difficult.
  • Report all property crime to your local police, even if it seems minor in nature. Crime statistics are utilized by the OPP to help direct resources with crime prevention initiatives and directed patrols. You can report minor occurrences online by visiting

banner image: Vanagog Blog via Flickr