More days set aside for Open Air Dunlop

The event was held last year as part of the economic recovery plan for downtown

A section of downtown Barrie will be turned over to pedestrian traffic every Saturday this summer.

Mayor Jeff Lehman tweeted the Downtown Barrie Business Association is planning 15 days of Open Air Dunlop this year.

The event was held over four weekends last September in conjunction with Culture Days, and a pop-up Open Air Dunlop was added for one Saturday in November.

Open Air Dunlop was launched as part of the economic recovery plan for Barrie’s downtown.

During last year’s event, Dunlop Street East between Mulcaster and Clapperton Street was closed from morning until midnight to vehicle traffic. This allowed the public to bike or walk along the street, and to visit a local patio or shop, and discover local artists and their works.