Will movie subscription service MoviePass make a comeback in 2022?

Unlimited movies, here we come!

Ill-fated cinema subscription service MoviePass might be making a comeback for a 2022 relaunch.

With ticket prices on the constant rise and theatres ready to try anything to get people back to the cinema, a movie subscription service might be primed to resurge the faltering movie-going numbers.

Original Co-Founder, Stacy Spikes, has reportedly purchased MoviePass back from parent company Helios and Matheson during its 2020 bankruptcy action. Spikes is currently exploring what a refreshed MoviePass could look like in a post-pandemic world.

MoviePass has a bit of a rocky history. Originally launching in 2011, the service didn’t see much action thanks to a hefty $50 price tag. However, in 2017, the service price dropped to just $10 a month (for unlimited movie tickets) and its popularity exploded. MoviePass was forced to put more and more measures in place trying to limit the number of tickets people used. MoviePass would later shut down in 2019.

We love deals as much as the next person but $10 for all you can see movies was definitely a “too good to last” scenario.

If you’re looking for something similar right now (and don’t want to wait until 2022), Cineplex recently launched its own subscription-style service called CineClub. For $10 a month you get one movie ticket and 20% off all concession items. You can also purchase additional tickets with the pass for another $10. Not a bad deal if you’re looking to knock a few dollars off your movie nights.

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There’s no telling what MoviePass might look like when it relaunches in 2022, but we think there’s definitely a comfortable middle ground between being too expensive and being such a good deal that it puts the company out of business.

Featured Image: Nathan Engel via pexels.com