Wendy’s Twitter didn’t hold back for its glorious National Roast Day 2022

Someone get the ointment.

Every year, Wendy’s takes to Twitter to absolutely broil people on the internet, and they really outdid themselves for National Roast Day 2022.

Brands from every category got in on the fun by tweeting “Roast me” to Wendy’s on January 12. It was all to promote some deal for a free medium fry, but who really cares? We got a light show of insults and whoever is running the Wendy’s Twitter account should have a statue made in their honour.

Here are some of our favourites:

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The entire #NationalRoastDay thread is an absolute gold mine. This is what Twitter should be, all-year-round.

For now, National Roast Day 2022 is over. Only 364 more days until the next National Roast Day.


Featured Image: Wendy’s via Twitter.com