Network with local business leaders and enter a new world for the 2021 Virtual Henry Bernick Medal Awards

A Richer Virtual Networking Experience

We are fortunate to have such an amazing business community in Barrie and Simcoe County. Overflowing with entrepreneurial spirit, Barrie is the place to be for innovators and visionaries. We’re also fortunate to have The Henry Bernick Entrepreneurial Centre at Georgian College. They assist entrepreneurs in four main areas: training, connections, funding and mentorship.

One way they celebrate local entrepreneurship is their annual Medal Awards. It happens Tuesday, March 23 and is fully virtual. However, with a clever new online platform, attendees will be treated to a much more robust and personal networking experience.

The event honours the achievements of our community’s top entrepreneurs. Henry Bernick Medals will be awarded to deserving individuals in three categories: Student Entrepreneur, Community Entrepreneur, and Entrepreneur’s Champion. The awards commemorate the qualities of its namesake: Strength, principle, mentorship, philanthropy, and business acuity.

The awards will be followed by a special presentation by keynote speaker, Ron Tite, whose decades of experience and expertise span a myriad of disciplines.

A best-selling author, speaker, producer, and entrepreneur, Ron Tite has always blurred the lines between art and commerce. He has been an award-winning advertising writer and creative director for some of the world’s most respected brands including Air France, Evian, Fidelity, Hershey, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, Intel, Microsoft, Volvo and many others.

He is the founder of Church+State, host and executive producer of the hit podcast, “The Coup”, and publisher of This is That Travel Guide to Canada – a best-selling and award-winning satirical book. He has written for television, penned a children’s book, wrote, produced and performed a hit play, created a branded art gallery, and was the executive producer & host of the award-winning comedy show, Monkey Toast.

In demand as a speaker all over the world, Ron speaks to leading organizations about leadership, disruption, branding, and creativity. Ron’s first book, Everyone’s An Artist – Or At Least They Should Be (Co-written by Scott Kavanagh and Christopher Novais), was published by HarperCollins in 2016. His most recent book, Think Do Say: How to Seize Attention and Build Trust in a Busy Busy World, hit store shelves in October or 2019.

The Henry Bernick Medal Awards take place on March 23rd from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and are entirely virtual. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the entire show from the comfort of your own home and network with others in the business community in an innovative new virtual environment. Tickets are only $10 and if you’re a Georgian College student (or Alumni) they are completely free!

Check out the video below for a sneak peek at the virtual space and how to make the most of the event!

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