New Affordable Housing Fund The Result Of Federal-Provincial Teamwork

New Fund Prioritizing Those Already in Community Housing, Including Domestic Violence Survivors

Putting their heads together, the federal and provincial governments have ironed out a new $1.4 billion fund in a bid to help low-income families in Ontario.

The joint investment will come through the Canada Housing Benefit and is expected to provide affordability support to Ontarians who are in need of housing.

“Our government knows how important it is for the people of Ontario to have housing they can afford,” said Housing Minister Steve Clark, “We are working with the federal government to deliver on provincial priorities – including making housing more affordable. The new Canada-Ontario Housing Benefit will give more options to people who are looking for housing that meets their needs and their budgets. The best results come from working together and that includes with all levels of government.”

The Housing Benefit will prioritize those that are on, or eligible to be on, social housing waitlists or those in financial need already living in community housing. This includes survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.