New first-come first-serve employee hiring model eliminates the application and interview process entirely

Job seekers will not need to compete for positions as long as they meet the basic requirements for employment

The Body Shop is taking an interesting novel approach to hiring new employees.

Instead of accepting resumes and applications, or doing interviews with prospect hires, they will be hiring the first person that comes in. This is being called “open hiring” and will be the company’s model for hiring entry level positions as of summer 2020.

However, Darryl Simpson, professional recruiter for Barrie’s ESS Direct employment agency, says that this is not likely to spread to other employers.

“Essentially they’re choosing not to screen,” he told Barrie 360 on Wednesday. “I don’t see it catching on because business is competitive and anyone who is hiring is going to want the strongest staff in order to compete.”

In today’s climate, the job market is not at a point of relatively high unemployment and there is no shortage of entry level positions. But Simpson maintains the stance that an employer should always look for the best candidates, even if an they are desperate for hires.

“Honestly I have a hard time seeing pros,” Simpson said. “The Idea that our market is not built competitiveness would be a naive approach.”

While this does benefit those who would otherwise fail a background check and eliminates the effects of employer bias, Simpson asserts that in the long run it will be a detriment to both employees and employers.

“At the end of the day I think competition is healthy,” he said. “We need to continue to have the idea that we need to compete to find good opportunities. I don’t believe the best opportunities will ever be ones that are simply handed to us because we showed up.”

The status quo supports the competitive spirit; that good opportunities are the product of hard work and determination.

If other businesses adopt this model in the near future, Simpson predicts that it will be short lived.