Nobody Hurt After Car Strikes Snowplow

One of a Slew of Crashes South Simcoe Police Officers Dealt With

Everyone walked away unscathed, after a vehicle and snowplow collided in Innisfil during the Friday morning rush.

South Simcoe Police say the collision was reported around 8:00 this morning, on 20th Sideroad at Killarney Beach Rd in Innisfil. Minor front-end damage to the vehicle.

This was one of several crashes reported to South Simcoe Police during the snowstorm, including:

  • a vehicle that lost control on a snow covered road and struck a tree at around 8:00 Thursday night at the 20th Sideroad and 6th Line in Innisfil
  • a collision involving an ambulance and a vehicle just after midnight on Innisfil Beach Rd. west of Yonge St. in Innisfil
  • a vehicle that lost control and hit a curb around 2:00 a.m. on Dissette St. in Bradford
  • a single vehicle roll over into a ditch just before 8:00 on 9th Line at 20th Sideroad in Innisfil

Police say, thankfully, there were no injuries reported as a result of any of these crashes, but do offer the following advice when driving near snowplows:

Stay back from working snowplows and other winter maintenance vehicles (e.g. trucks spreading salt or spraying anti-icing liquid) with flashing blue lights. You’ll see them on highways before, during and after a snowfall or storm.

Never pass a working snowplow – it’s very dangerous for you and the plow driver. Sight lines and visibility can be significantly reduced by blowing snow and the ridge of snow that the plow creates. Trying to pass between or around a snowplow could result in a severe – even fatal – collision.

Be patient – it takes time to clear the roads after a snowfall. If you’re driving behind a snowplow, wait for it to finish its job. Roads are plowed in sections, so you usually won’t be stuck behind a plow for more than 20-30 minutes.